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A must for any business

Document Management

Document management systems are fast becoming a must for any business. They vastly improve overall efficiency, provide peace of mind through optimised data recovery and enhanced security.

Cost effective Print Environment

Print Solutions

Maintaining an effective, accessible but cost efficient print environment is important to most businesses. However this service will also need to be secure and controllable. Offering access to regular staff but also casual users or visitors.

Optimising Print Infrastructure

Managed Print Services

Analysing, monitoring and optimising your own print infrastructure is difficult and time consuming. However with reports suggesting that document production can be as much as 3% of a companies revenue expenditure, it’s not an area to be ignored.


Document Management

1. Time and money savings

There is a tremendous hidden cost generated by time consuming manipulation of paper files. Using a Document management system the search for a document lasts only seconds. Also, you reduce the costs associated with hardcopy documents, such as paper, printing, archiving and storage space.

2. Security

A document management system will protect your documents and folders from being accessed or modified by potential intruders. Plus, accessing rights for both users and groups can be assigned at a folder or document level.

3. Document Recovery

All documents scanned or indexed within the system can be automatically updated both internally and off-site, ensuring that your database is secure and available in case of disaster. According to reports over one third of companies that experience extensive fire damage are unable to continue trading due to loss of documentation.

4. Easy Access

Documents can be accessed remotely for maximum staff efficiency. Also, document management systems enable better sharing of documents – between individuals, departments and across branches or sites. Documents can be accessed simultaneously by more than one user, improving cross-departmental communication.

5. Process consistency

A good system will help you to define document management best practice. The document data will remain consistent, even when used by new or inexperienced employees.

6. Regulation Compliance

Document management systems offer regulatory compliance. Maintaining your record-keeping within legal guide lines or providing controls for internal accountability. Digital signatures can even be automatically applied to every document. Full audit trails are possible and on-demand access to documents can be ensured.

4 Essentials

Process Efficiency


Electronic documents eradicates the need for manual storage and retrieval, so staff are free to increase productivity elsewhere


Stored documents can provide collaborative working to staff internally and remotely

Easy Search

Indexed documents can be quickly retrieved using any number of search field criteria – Fields that can be automatically populated when scanned


Clear document controls provide procedures which maintain security and consistency of approach throughout a business


Legal document compliance on storage and security can be easily adhered to


Data backed up internally or off-site provides quick recovery and enhanced security in case of any disaster

Document Modification

Rules can be set to restrict document changes or to track alterations by date and operator

Access Right

Folders through to individual documents can have access rights applied, ensuring confidentiality internally and for clients using your services

Keep documents safe


Access Control

Print From Mobile

Provide open or chargeable mobile print access to staff & visitors

Controlled Release

Copies & Prints released only by authorised PIN codes or access cards

Client Billing

Fully customisable billing parameters for individuals, departments or external clients

Detailed Reports

Provide open or chargeable mobile print access to staff & visitors

Print Queues

Print queues set to manual release to ensure prints are only delivered when they are truly needed


Default duplex printing as standard OR control access to colour output

Volume Restrictions

Set volume usage restrictions to keep control over what’s printed where by whom

Print Routing

Automatic print routing to the most cost effective device based on your own rule set

Cost Savings

Managed Print Services

At Anglotech Group we offer our customers a fully Managed Print Services solution. Providing account manager who proactively work for you to management and continual optimisation print environment. Ensuring that you maintain effective controls which will save money, increase efficiency and improve your productivity.

So how do we assess your needs and tailor our offering?
  • Savings of 30% and more on your copy/print costs
  • Single supplier for equipment, service & support
  • Internal IT resource can concentrate on core tasks
  • Employee productivity is enhanced
  • Confidential documents remain secure
  • Environmental targets will be met

Print Routing

Automatic print routing to the most cost effective device based on your own rule set

What MPS Means To You


Use our expertise and time to manage and improve your print infrastructure.


Save your time and internal resources whilst we continue to save you money.


No more worries about spiraling print costs, device availability or document security.

MPS Process Steps


We use a combination of methods to analyse your current print infrastructure. This can include software to collect usage information, manual meter collections and staff interviews to fully understand departmental requirements and potential bottle-necks.


We cross-reference our initial findings with our clients, to test our understanding of the findings so far. After gaining their insight on the data available, we go on to discuss their current requirements and future plans.


Based on all the information gathered, we create a tailored plan of changes combined with a detailed costs and a return on investment. Most often the proposed changes are set as a timetable of phased stages. This decreases initial costs and helps customers achieve a gradual program in which products are replaced at life end.


Our Design Proposal is then presented to the decision makers for review. We would expect that most of the details of this first proposal will be acceptable but further discussions do generally result in minor alterations before the contract is fully approved.


The implementation stage is backed by documentation that will clearly identify the roles and responsibilities across both businesses. This ensures that everything goes to plan and that deadlines in all areas are hit. We always allocate one of our experienced account managers to over see and remain the key point of contact for the entire programme.


Through manual and automated systems, Technocopy will continue to monitor and manage your print/copier fleet, as previously agreed within our contract. This will ensure that the products are functioning as expected and that our Service Levels Agreements (SLA’s) are met.


Regular review meetings are a standard part of our MPS agreements. At these we share detailed data reports on usage, costs etc. We also agree any adjustments or proposed alterations to the phased timetable previously agreed.


Due to careful management, monitoring and review, the customers print infrastructure will remain “fit for purpose”, ensuring that cost savings and service improvements continue to be both achieved and surpassed.


Watch as your print facilities improve productivity whilst documents costs are attributed accurately.


Let us create a partnership which grows over time whilst continually providing measurable benefits to all.

MPS explained

Lexmark Managed Print Service

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